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  Please enjoy our Insect Gallery for 2010

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Coming Events

Wet, Wild, and Wonderful Nature Labs  for Winter 2010 -Spring 2011 

Most people living in Florida today have never actually experienced walking through an old growth Florida woodland, or exploring a natural pond, sinkhole, or water recharge area.  And so what?  These things can quickly become boring if you don’t know what you are looking at.  –If you don’t find something to interest you. 

Shady Grove Preserve Walking Tours and Nature Labs are led by expert guides, Stephen Powell and Marnie Hutcheson, who not only explain what you are seeing, smelling, and touching and how it works; they give you the opportunity to explore, ask questions, and – forever change the way they perceive these natural systems. 

 These Labs are designed for young people of all ages.  The topics are clearly explained and easy to understand. The Labs are presented in an engaging informative ‘hands on’ style as the class moves along its trek through the beautiful Shady Grove Nature Preserve, in Ocala Florida.  Each 90-minute lab includes its own Lab Manual and materials for students to take away with them.

Participants learn about our water recharge system, and the wonderful habitats it powers by seeing it in action in Shady Grove Preserve's water recharge system.   Participants learn how vulnerable our natural water system and its many habitats are, and what they can and should do to conserve and protect our water supply.  Participants take away their lab books, and new enthusiasm for and appreciation of our natural systems.

  K-12 students $5 each, Adults, in families and clubs / groups $15 each, Contact us to reserve your time and space.

Note:  Depending on the topic, the students may walk quite a distance during the lab.  Shady Grove Preserve is happy to accommodate individuals with special needs, just give us a call.

If you like what you see, we invite you to donate something to help us keep building and growing a sustainable Shady Grove Preserve.


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